We are sad to share that CourseGenius will be shutting down its online course platform on 1 September 2021. You can find answers to how to export your data and transition off the platform below.

How can I export my users’ accounts?

You can export your user accounts by following the solution View and Export People.

How can I export past orders made by users?

You can export the past orders made by your users by following the solution View and Export Orders.

How can I export data about courses completed by my users?

You can export the historical record of your users’ course allocations, course progress and course completions by following the solution View and Export Course History.

Can I automatically export content like text, images and videos out of my courses?

We are not able to support the automatic export of course content such as text, images and videos. If you need to keep this content, you will need to manually map your content from your platform into another format, such as a word document. You can see the solution Copy Course Text and Images for more details on how to do this. Please note that you will need to use your source video files if you need to recreate your course in another LMS, as the video files cannot be exported from the platform. 

Can I get an extension on the 1 September 2021 timeline?

Unfortunately we can’t offer any extension on this timeline as we could not guarantee the platform would operate securely after this date. 

I have paid for an annual subscription, will I get a refund?

Yes, you will receive a pro rata refund for your annual subscription for however many months this was due to run after the 1 September 2021 cut off.