Improve the security and credibility of your learning platform's custom domain

Available on the following plans: Premium, Enterprise

Before you start

  • Nerd Skills Required: This article is intended for a technical audience. If you aren't a serious nerd, consider sending this to your technical representative.
  • You must already have followed the steps in Set up DNS for a Custom Domain.
  • To complete this activity, you will need to be able to receive an email on at least one of the following email addresses:
  • If you cannot receive an email on one of the above five email addresses, you will need to arrange access to one of these email addresses before proceeding

Creating an SSL certificate for your Learning Platform's custom domain

Stage 1 - Request your SSL certificate

  1. Confirm you have the ability to receive an email sent to one of the above email addresses

  2. Raise a new support ticket with CourseGenius with the subject "SSL Certificate Request for Custom Domain". Include the following information in your ticket:
    1. Your Custom Domain - The full URL of your custom domain (such as
    2. Your Authorising Email Address - Tell us which of the five above email addresses you have access to. This must be one of the above choices.

  3. You will receive a confirmation of your new support ticket from CourseGenius Support within a few minutes. Note down the ticket number in the title of the confirmation email.

  4. Within 2 business days, Support will contact you by email to advise that your SSL Certificate has been requested.

Stage 2 - Validate the SSL certificate

  1. Check the email address you specified in Stage 1, step 2.2 for the following email:

    • The sender will be: Amazon Certificates <>
    • The subject will be: Certificate approval for your_custom_domain
  2. This email contains instructions on how to approve this request and will look something like the below:
  3. In the email that is generated, click the link and then click "Approve" on that page

  4. Advise CourseGenius Support that you have approved the request to issue an SSL certificate for your custom domain
    • Quote the ticket number you noted in Stage 1, Step 3
    • We will enable HTTPS on your learning platform's Custom Domain within 2 business days

Frequently asked questions

  • Question: Will I have to update any links or bookmarks?
  • Answer: No, adding HTTPS to your learning platform does not require any link or bookmark updates