The course dashboard displays an overview of your learning platform. From the dashboard you can create new courses, assign courses to users, view assessment results and manage orders.

  1. Courses
    • The courses block displays your 4 most recently created courses and allows you to edit settings and view assessment results for them. From here you can also navigate to the course dashboard or create a new course.
  2. Tips and Tricks
    • The tips and tricks block connects with our blog and displays recent posts as well as directly linking out to our blog page.
  3. People
    • The people block shows the 5 most recently completed courses on your platform and the users that completed them. You can also add new users to your platform, allocate courses, masquerade as a user and view the course completion report. 
  4. Results
    • The results block allows you to score questions and display overviews for course completions and assessment results.
  5. Store
    • The store block lets you view, search and manage your orders.