You can adjust your page content by altering the order that elements appear on a page

You can adjust the order of these elements in two ways; using the navigational arrows on the element or by dragging the element

Using the navigational arrows to move an element

  1. To move an element above an adjacent element, click on the up arrow in the top right corner of the element


  2. To move an element below an adjacent element, click on the down arrow in the top right corner of the element


  3. Save your changes

Dragging an element to the desired position

  1. Place your cursor in on the top of the element until a 'move' icon appears at your cursor


  2. Click and drag the element to the desired location by moving your cursor above or below another existing element
    1. The intended location will be indicated by a red rectangle, and the element you are moving is enclosed by an orange rectangle

  3. Once you release your mouse button, the element will move to that location

  4. Save your changes