User Groups can be used to categorise your learners into one or more groups.  This enables you to easily allocate courses to a group of learners, search for learners within a specific group, or generate reports on specific groups of learners.  

You can take advantage of User Groups by using the following steps:

Workflow - User Groups - v2.png

  1. Create Account - Learner Creates an Account or you Create an Account for them

  2. Create User Group

  3. Add Users to User Group

  4. Allocate Courses to a User Group

  5. Start Course - Learner(s) are redirected to Learner Homepage (My Courses) when logging in and can start course(s) immediately

Course Completion reporting also allows filtering by User Groups

NOTE: if a new learner is added to a User Group after the initial course allocation, you must manually allocate the course/s to that learner