Multiple choice questions require your learner to select one or more correct answers from a range of options

Available on the following plans: Starter, Standard, Premium, Enterprise

  1. Add an Assessment

  2. Click Assessment under the name of the course you wish to edit (you may need to click Show more first)

  3. In the Assessment window, select Add Multiple Choice Question

  4. Enter a Title for your question
    Note: This is shown to administrators only

  5. Enter your question in the Question field - this can include text and pictures

  6. Enter the different answer alternatives in the Answers boxes (Alternative 1, 2, etc) - these can include text and pictures
    1. To add more choices, click Add more alternatives

  7. When done, click Save, or click Save and Add Another Multiple Choice Question to continue adding questions to this assessment

  8. View Results for an Assessment by accessing the Course Completion Reports

Multiple Choice Question

The image below shows how this question will be seen by your users