These are the steps for a Learner to purchase your courses with a Credit Card

  1. Storefront - From your learning platform homepage (aka Storefront), your Learner clicks Purchase on a course

  2. Cart - Learner can Add Another Course to their order or Proceed to Checkout

  3. Login / Create Account - Learner is prompted to Log In or Create an Account

  4. Checkout - Learner enters billing information, any discount codes, selects their payment method and clicks Continue

  5. Review Order - Learner reviews order particulars then clicks Confirm

  6. Enter Credit Card - Learner is redirected to your payment gateway and securely enters Credit Card details; upon transaction success, Learner receives an email containing an invoice

  7. Start Course - Learner is redirected to Learner Homepage (My Courses) and can start course(s) immediately