You can easily embed a link to the internet in your course

1. Determine the URL to which you wish to link

  1. Open the website or PDF file in your browser

  2. Copy the URL from the address bar of your browser

2. Add the Link into your Course page

  1. Edit the relevant page in your course

  2. You may wish to add some text - for example 'Click here to access the Terms and Conditions' or 'Click here to download a copy of the Social Media Policy'

  3. Highlight the words you wish to add the link to, and click the Link icon
  4. Enter your URL from Step 1 into the URL field, in the Link window
  5. Optional: If you wish your link to open in a new page, click the Target tab in the Link window, then select New Window (_blank) from the Target dropdown menu
  6. Click OK

  7. Remember to Save your page!