You can easily remove one or more courses from one or more learners

Note: If this course was allocated as part of an order, you may also wish to follow the steps to Cancel an Order

  1. Click Allocate Courses at the top

  2. Click the Allocate dropdown on the left and choose Deallocate

  3. In Select people, enter the Username(s) of the learner account(s) you wish to remove courses from

    Note: you can enter multiple usernames, if you wish to remove the selected course(s) from multiple learners

  4. In Select course(s), enter the Course(s) you wish to remove from the learners
    Note: you can enter multiple courses, if you wish to remove more than one course from the same learner(s)

  5. Click Deallocate

  6. Select the instances of the course(s) you wish to deallocate by checking (to delete) or unchecking (to keep)

  7. Click Deallocate again
    Note: These records will now be removed from the Course Completion Report as well.