Permanently delete an unwanted course and all of its content and records

  1. Click Edit on the course you wish to delete
  2. Scroll down to the very bottom of the page and click Delete

  3. You will be asked to confirm that you want to delete this course. Ensure you are happy to delete this course and all of its content, including all course pages, the course assessment, any uploaded files and associated learner records.
    Note: Media you uploaded when creating this course will still be available in your Media Library, and can still be added to course pages.

  4. If you are happy to permanently delete this course, click Delete. Remember, this cannot be undone.

Can I back up a course for future use, before I delete it?
If you want to keep your course content, but would like to remove it from your Learning Platform, we recommend copying out any content from your course pages, and pasting it into a Powerpoint or Word document. Once your course is deleted from the platform, the content cannot be retrieved.

Can I remove a course from my Online Courses page without deleting it?
Yes - you can unpublish your course. This will remove it from your Online Courses page, so your Learners will not be able to view or purchase it, but keeps it in your Courses so you can edit it and publish it again later. If you unpublish a course, this will not prevent Learners who have already been allocated the course from accessing it.