You can easily collect feedback from your Learners after they complete a course

Feedback forms are set on an course-by-course basis, so you can choose the courses from which you wish to collect feedback.

Turn on the Feedback form for your course 

  1. Click Edit to the right of the course.

  2. Under Settings, select the checkbox Include a feedback form

  3. Optional: To make it compulsory for your learners to provide feedback on this course, check the Feedback Required box

  4. Optional: To require feedback to be provided before the Assessment is available to your learners, check the Feedback Order box

  5. Save

Your Learners will then be able to access the Feedback form from their Learner homepage. The form will present to them like in the image below:

If your organisation is on an Enterprise plan, you can customise your Feedback form. Just email us at or raise a ticket, detailing the Feedback Questions and Answer options you would like and we'll make the changes for you.