You can easily make pictures automatically resize to fit the screen they are being viewed on, such as smartphone, tablet and desktop!

  1. Before you startAdd a Picture to a Page or Edit a Page containing a picture

  2. Locate the picture and double click on it
    TIP: For best results, use a picture up to 760 pixels wide (except for cover pages, where you can use pictures up to 960 pixels wide)

  3. In the Image Properties box
    1. Ensure the the padlock icon to the left of the Preview box appears unlocked (if not, click on it to achieve this)

    2. Amend the Width to 100% and delete the number from the Height (so that there is nothing in the Height box) - make sure you enter the % symbol into the Width field

    3. Click OK

  4. Save the page

The picture will now automatically resize to 100% of the available viewport for the computer or device on which it is being viewed.

Here is an example of how the picture will appear on a desktop:

Here is an example of how the same picture will appear on a smartphone: