If you set an Assignable date in the future, your course will appear in Online Courses as 'Available From' this date

This allows you to display your courses in Online Courses before you are ready to publish them!

  1. Click Edit to the right of the course.

  2. Scroll down to Assignable. Use the drop downs to enter the date from which you would like your course to be assignable
    Note: make sure you choose a date in the future!

  3. You can also select an end date, from which your course will no longer display on Online Courses - just check the Show End Date box and use the drop downs
    Note: You can always come back and change this, or even remove the end date date to make your course available indefinitely

  4. Ensure you have published your course so that the course will appear in your Online Courses as available from your set date!
    Any content in your course will not be accessible until the set date. 

Here's a preview of what your Learners will see:

When a learner clicks the Notify Me button, they will be asked to enter their contact information. This information, along with the relevant course name, will be emailed to the system email address (by default this will be that of the primary contact). You can then contact the customer to inform them when the course does become available.

Note: Once you want your courses to be purchasable, you will have to manually change the status of a course from "Available From" date on the course to a past date and save the form.