Need to check out an historical invoice? It is just a few easy steps to View, Print and even Email it!

Administrators can View, Print and Email any invoices

  1. Search for the customer in question
  2. Click their Username
  3. Click Orders
  4. Click the Order Number
  5. Click Invoices

From there Administrators can:

  • View an invoice
  • Print an invoice by clicking Printable Invoice; or
  • Email an invoice by clicking Mail Invoice

Learners can View and Print their own invoices

The steps for your learner to access their own invoices are: 
  1. Log in to to your platform
  2. Click My Account
  3. Click Orders
  4. Click the Order Number

From there Learners can:

  • View an invoice; or
  • Print an invoice by clicking the Printable Invoice link