Liven up your course by adding a video or podcast!


  1. Add a Page or Edit an existing Page

  2. Drag either a Video or Audio element from the left, into the Drop Zone on the right

  3. Choose how you would like to add your Video or Audio
    Click on the method below that you wish to learn about


Upload a video/audio file from your computer

  1. Click Browse to select a file to upload from your computer

  2. You can then add a title and keywords to your video or audio in the text fields below
  3. Click Upload 
    You can press Save at any time, but your video/audio will finish uploading before you can move on

  4. When your video or audio finishes uploading, you will see this screen while your video is processed for viewing on multiple devices
    You can now save and/or leave the page while your video or audio processes

  5. Remember to Save before you move on


Use a video/audio file you have previously uploaded


  1. To locate your desired video or audio, simply:
    1. Select the video/audio from the list of previously uploaded videos, or

    2. Filter the video/audio list by keywords or 'tags' that you added to your video/audio when it was uploaded

  2. Remember to Save!

Common Questions about the Media Library

Q: What file types does the Media Library support?

A: Our Media Best Practice guide has all the details about the best files types to use when uploading media to the library.

Q: My thumbnails aren't available!

A: Some source video formats aren't compatible with thumbnails.  If you are having trouble with this, please email for assistance with your specific video software.