You can easily add author profiles to your courses 


To add an author profile to a course, go to Courses

Note: If your course is already published, your author profile will be visible to your users as you make it. You may wish to unpublish your course while you add and create your author profile, so it isn't visible to your users until it is complete. 

  1. Select Add Course Features
  2. Click Add Author Profile

  3. If you have already created a profile for the relevant author, you can enter their name in the search box and click Save to link them to this course
    1. Otherwise, click Create a New Author Profile.

  4. On the Create Author popup, you can enter the details for your author, add a picture of them, and provide a link to their website
    1. When done, click Save; this author will now be linked to this course

  5. If you want to link additional authors to this course, click Author Profiles

  6. Again, just type in the name of any authors for whom you have already created a profile, select them and click Save, or alternatively click Create a New Author Profile
    1. Repeat steps 5 and 6 for all the authors of this course

      Note: You can add a maximum of three authors per course