You can easily add assessments to your courses by following this step-by-step guide 

Note: If your course is already published, your assessment and its questions will be available for your users as you make it. You may wish to unpublish your course while you add and create your assessment, so it isn't available to them until it is complete. 

  1. Select Add course features

  2. Click Add Assessment

  3. From the Create Assessment page you can choose a number of settings; you can come back and change these settings later if you wish
    1. Taking options: you can here select options such as whether your users can skip questions, whether questions are randomised, and whether your users can have multiple attempts at the assessment
    2. Pass/fail options: you can enter a number in the Pass Rate for Assessment (%) field; this will be the percentages your users need to achieve to pass this assessment

  4. You can now add a Multiple Choice Question, or a Long Answer Question (note: Long Answer questions only available for customers on the Premium or Enterprise plans)