Ready to create your first course? Just follow these easy steps!


Throughout this process, your learning platform will provide you with tips to help you on your way. You must be logged in to proceed.

1. Create your course

  1. Select Create new course

  2. You can now enter the first few details of your course. You must enter a title for your course, and can also enter a short description if you wish. When done, hit Save.


Your course has been created!


2. Edit your new course's Settings

  1. ClicEdit to edit this course's settings

  2. From here you can set an image/picture, price, duration, categories, certificates, preview and many other configurable elements of your course. For more information click on the links below.
    1. Add a certificate to a course
    2. Set or change the course price
    3. Add a description or summary to a course
    4. Add files to a course
    5. Mark a course as 'Coming Soon'
    6. Make your course previewable
    7. Add a course picture
    8. Add categories and a duration to a course

  3. When you've added all the settings that you want, click Save

3. Add Pages

  1. Click Pages then Add a New Page

  2. You're now in the Page Editor; give your first page a Title
  3. Add content to your page by dragging the elements from the left into the grey drop zone on the right
    1. add text
    2. add a picture 
    3. add video or audio
    4. add a question
  4. When done, click Save and Create Another Page (or Save and View to check out your handiwork)

  5. You add as many pages as you wish by repeating these steps

4. Add Structure

  1. Segment your course by adding sections or chapters

  2. Following this, you might want to add a table of contents to pages at the beginning of these sections

To add some more advanced features to your course, see our guides on how to Add Assessment and Add Author Profile. You can also check out our guide on how to Review a Course.

If you're ready to make your course available to your users, see our guide on how to 
Publish a Course.