You can add a preview for your course, so that your customers can view a few pages of the course before they buy

Step 1. Make your course Previewable

: If you have already published your course, you may want to add pages to your preview first (see below)

  1. Click Edit to the right of the course.

  2. Under Settings, select the checkbox Course is able to be previewed by logged in users

  3. Save

Step 2. Add Pages to your Preview

  1. Go to Courses and click Pages for the course to which you wish to add previewable pages

  2. Click Manage Pages

  3. Click Edit next to the a page you wish to add to your course preview

  4. At the bottom of the screen, click the button next to Allow Preview

  5. Save

  6. Repeat this for each page you wish to include in your preview for this course 
    Pages will be viewed in the preview in the order they appear in the course

  7. Your customers will now be able to preview your selected pages of this course before they buy it
    Note: Previews will not be visible for unpublished courses