Allow visitors to access your learning platform via your own Custom Domain

Available on the following plans: Premium, Enterprise

Before you start

  • Nerd Skills Required: This article is intended for a technical audience. If you aren't a serious nerd, consider sending this to your technical representative.

1. Identify your Learning Platform Name

Your Learning Platform Name is part of the name you currently type into your browser to access your learning platform, and is also the first part of your learning platform's current web address (

2. Choose a Custom Domain 

Your Custom Domain is the web address you want your learners to type into your browser to access your learning platform. This can be anything, but typically takes the form of or (where is your organisation's own domain name).

3. Add a new DNS entry for your Custom Domain

You will need to create a new "CNAME" DNS entry that follows the template below, swapping in the Custom Domain from Step 2 and the Customer Reference from Step 1.

CustomDomain. 14400 IN CNAME

Support are happy confirm if you configured this correctly, raise a ticket if you are unsure.

4. Turn on security for your Custom Domain

Next, follow the steps in Turn on HTTPS / SSL security for a Custom Domain

Wait, I've got questions!

Q: Can I make these changes at any time?

A: Yes, you can make these changes any time of day without service interruption.

Q: Is my data safe during this process?

A: Yes, backups are in place 24/7 to make sure you're always covered.