You can brand the completion certificate your learners receive

Available on the following plans: Standard, Premium, Enterprise

Step 1: Create a Word Document version of your Certificate

  1. Ensure your Customer Certificate is in Word Document format - you can download and use our Template below, or start from scratch

  2. Add Auto-populating fields
    Auto-populating fields are information added to your certificate by the learning platform (such as Learner Name).  You don’t have to use all of them, but you can use as many of the below as you like:
    Note: These fields can only use the standard fonts that come with Windows, see the list of supported fonts attached to this article
    1. Course Name
    2. Learner Name
    3. Completion Date
    4. Duration or Credits (you may have set this to be “Hours” or “CPD Points” or similar)

  3. Add images
    1. Images are a great way to liven up your certificates.  We always recommend you use your logo, but feel free to add other artwork to spice things up.
      Note: Your certificate cannot use ‘background’ images, only inline images

Step 2: Send us your Certificate

  1. Run through the Pre-send Checklist before sending your certificate to us and your certificates will turn out exactly as you’ve requested!
    1. Confirm Certificate is in Microsoft Word format (.doc or .docx)
    2. Confirm backgrounds are white or flat colours (not images)
    3. Confirm you only use basic Windows fonts - see the list of supported fonts attached to this article
    4. Optional: For best results, you can also send high quality versions of any images used

  2. Send your certificate through to us at