Want to add some richness to your Courses?  It’s a great idea, as short video or audio segments increase Learner engagement with your subject matter. 

  1. Click Add new Video or Podcast

  2. Add a Title, select whether it is Type “Video” or “Audio” then choose your file

  3. You may wish to add some tags or keywords to this video, to help you search for this video later

  4. After the video has finished uploading, click Save

  5. Check out our guide on how to Insert Video or Audio into one of your Course pages

 Common Questions about the Media Library

Q: What file types does the Media Library support?

A: Our Media Best Practice guide has all the details about the best files types to use when uploading media to the library

Q: My thumbnails aren't available!

A: Some source video formats aren't compatible with thumbnails.  If you are having trouble with this, please email support@coursegenius.com for assistance with your specific video software