How to allocate a course to a Learner (and optionally email an invoice)

Note: If you do not wish to take payment, you should instead follow the steps to Allocate a Course

  1. Click Create order under Orders

  2. Find the User
    1. Enter their name or email address and click Search - we recommend searching by email address
    2. Select the User you are looking for and click Create Order

  3. Add one or more Courses
    1. Click the Add product button
    2. Choose the desired course from the list and click Select
    3. Enter Quantity as 1 and click Add to Order
      Note: The above steps can be repeated to allocate multiple courses at once

  4. Save your order
    1. Click Submit Changes at the bottom of the screen

  5. To complete the allocation click View
  6. Select the Order Status dropdown menu and change the status to Completed

    Note: To provide an email notification for this order, check the box next to Send email notification on update
    If the Payment Method is Credit Card, the Learner will also receive a tax invoice in the email notification

  7. Click Submit Changes